After 30-plus years as a database consultant I retired and created some courses on Udemy.  This experience has shown me a few things that I might list below (in no particular order).

We are now entering that I would call a “golden” age of powerful online tools that can interact and can be setup to work together.  The drive in most of these tools is to allow people to create “passive” income by having systems that allow them to interact with people LESS than before.

But what if these tools were used instead to help solve the above problems?  That is my goal with A2P – to not only give members access to ALL my courses, but also to be able to help members with their individual problems.  The only way I can do that is by using these tools to automate everything else.  The ability to visually show members solutions via video is much more powerful and efficient than a written message and that is what we do in A2P every week.

But there is one more aspect to it – an Access “Topics” database that lets you quickly find and link to any topic from any course OR video Q&A in just a few seconds!  I think A2P is a platform that will allow many who have all but given up on Access to become very proficient and use it to lead themselves to greater prosperity!